The Arena Club's Sports Performance Academy is a three-step process that guarantees results for any middle or high school athlete.  Our sports performance and strength coaches utilize science-based human performance principles to assess, program, and progress athletes to meet their peak performance.

Through a series of assessments designed to test all facets of movement competency and athletic performance middle and high school athletes are divided into our Foundations, Advanced or Elite programs. Each athlete is then provided a unique 8-week program specifically designed for their movement needs, performance limitations and drive them closer to achieving their athletic goals. To ensure continuous progress, athletes are then reassessed after each 8-week program to measure performance improvements and plan their future program success.

The athlete will meet one of our highly-trained and certified sports performance coaches for a sports performance assessment. The standardized assessment consists of a movement screen, agility drills and physical tests that allow us to determine the athlete’s group-readiness for our Sports Performance Academy. This assessment is the foundation for the future success of every Arena Club athlete.

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