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Keith and Kathy Rawlings

General Manager
Andrea Gebhard

Membership Director
Kris Kane

Hospitality Director
Rodney Sample

Aquatics Director/Swim Lessons
Jen Masquelier

Swim Teams
Betsy Graham

Nursery, Birthdays, and Rentals Coordinator
Erica Lesniewski

ArenaRx Program Coordinator
Trish Lanahan

Thin and Healthy Total Solutions Manager
Beth Roney 

Personal Training/Wellness Director
Nicole Bosley-Smith

Arena Sports Factory
Nicole Bosley-Smith

Zach Esser

Youth Sports Leagues
Ethan Matthews

Group Fitness Manager
Alica Palmere

Marketing Manager
Angela Saccenti

Accounts Payable Director
Chelsea Armiger

Membership Accounting Director
Renee Karukas


Find Your Fun

Membership at The Arena Club means more than just “joining a gym.”

You are joining a community of friends, family, trainers, and instructors who will motivate you and inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals.

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