Dome Down week will begin April 2.  Please review important updates about dome down week here.
Read about our COVID-19 and mask safety policies here.

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1 - Summer Camp Registration is open!
2 - Dome Down Week | Dome Down Info
2 - Kids Night Out | Learn More
5- Youth Flag Football Begins | Learn More
9 - Lifeguard Certification Course Begins | Learn More
10 - Spring Weekend Swim Lessons Begin
10 - License to Train 10-11am
17 - Arena Spring Soccer League Begins | Learn More
21 - License to Train 5-6pm
24 - Summer Swim Team Prep Begins | Learn More
30 - Lifeguard Certification Course Begins | Learn More


15 -  Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk | Join Colleen Webster on team "Grace Walk" Here



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