In this fast-paced and increasingly electronic world, families seeking a place to escape for simple, old-fashioned family fun, find it at The Arena Club! We have worked hard to create an amazing gym and club in Bel Air, MD for kids and their families.

Whether it’s a day relaxing by the pool, a picnic under the covered pavilion, or a parent/child fitness class, we provide many opportunities throughout the year for families to unwind and stay active together with our Bel Air kids gym classes and club activities.

We also host several special family events, such as late-night pool nights, family 5k races and walks, member parties, wellness fairs, special fitness classes, and more!


Part of your fitness success comes from the peace of mind in knowing your children are well cared for and are having a good time while you are working out. With that in mind, our children’s programs are specifically designed to enhance your child’s well-being.

Our Bel Air, MD gym and fitness club includes daycare as part of your family membership and offer fun activities such as trampoline jump, sport court games, kids fitness classes, and swim time so your kids remain active and engaged while you are exercising. Other than our infant room, we do not require you to make a reservation for your child. If you have taken the time to get your kids ready, pack them up, and get to the club for your workout, we WILL NOT turn you away.  Our childcare activities and availability are truly unbeatable in Harford County!

We also offer a licensed Pre-K program, before and after school care, summer camp, day camps, youth dodgeball nights, kids night out, teen nights, birthday parties, and more fun activities in addition to all of our youth athletic programs. You will find that the programs and schedules offered at The Arena Club allow parents and children a number of flexible options, allowing parents to get fit while kids have fun!

We welcome your family to join us for some healthy, energy-packed fun!

Keep the Whole Family Active

Kids have so many options to have fun and stay active at our Bel Air kids gym and club. We offer camps, childcare, kids classes, trampoline jump, year-round swimming, and family events that are all INCLUDED with membership!

Fun for Families