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Small Group Training programs offer a more intimate setting compared to a typical group fitness class. With more individualized attention from the trainer and an atmosphere of camaraderie, you will feel the encouragement between participants.

Many of our small group training programs offer options for members and non-members as monthly registration or drop-in classes. Also, members can enjoy unlimited small group training classes with our new Platinum Membership.

Small Group Training Programs(Open to Members & Guests)

  • TRX Suspension TrainingThe TRX Suspension Trainer is the original system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise by simply adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance.

  • Pilates Reformer: Pilates uses body weight resistance to promote the balanced development of core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Key elements include a focus on core muscles, breath awareness, and the quality and control of movements to help improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination for athletics and everyday life.

  • License to Train: License to train is a program to provide a 10-11 year-old the proper instruction and orientation to exercise. This program teaches the child to safely and appropriately exercise in our facility.  Learn More
  • Strength for Survivors: This six-week program is geared towards survivors and patients in treatment, prior to or recovering from chemotherapy or surgery. We emphasize strength training to replenish muscle mass lost during treatment in both a restorative and preventative manner. The program incorporates upper and lower body exercise with slow, progressive weight lifting twice a week in a small, supportive group of other warriors. Our goal is to help our survivors regain strength, range of motion, and mobility in order to expedite recovery. Participants can expect to improve strength to reduce the risk of lymphedema with exercises designed to prevent lymph node blockage.

  • Renov8 - A complete fitness and weight loss program that combines structured exercise in a supportive team environment paired with guided nutrition and education with our team nutritionist, Alicia Palmere. This eight week program focuses on getting results that will last a lifetime!

  • Turkey Crush - Turkey Crush is our popular one-day holiday bootcamp that includes 90 minutes of athletic conditioning that can accommodate all fitness levels.  Work off that holiday meal with CRUSH!  
    2018 Date:  TBA

Small Group Training Schedule

Over 40 weekly sessions available to members through our Platinum Membership include:

  • Small Group Cardio and Strength Building ClassLes Mills GRIT: Our coaches bring you high intensity, science-based interval training. This is a 30-minute cardio, plyometric, or strength based format.

  • myORANGEzone: Burn between 500-1000 calories in this hour for a guaranteed extended calorie burn up to 36 hours. Reach peak performance while we focus on your Yellow and Red Zones – THE ORANGE ZONE – while wearing your MyZone Belt (recommended). Increase strength, endurance, power and lose inches in this effective and proven small group program.Body Weight Resistance Small Group

  • Rise & Grind: Rise & Grind with our Sports Performance Coaches at The Arena Sports Factory – the most elite equipped box in the Harford County area. The ultimate athletic sports conditioning experience!

  • Ascend: Meet on our Launch Pad trampoline for the most fun you will ever have while working out! Bounce with your coach through a dynamic workout that is low impact with a focus on aerobic activity, coordination, balance, mobility, and FUN!

  • Aqua Descend (Summer): Meet in our lap pool for an athletic-based aquatics conditioning course. This class will feature interval-style conditioning both in and out of the pool. Participants can expect to have a low impact yet challenging and dynamic experience with use of sports conditioning equipment.

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