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Small Group Training

Our small group sessions offer you a more intimate setting than a typical group fitness class with more individualized attention from the trainer and an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement between participants.

Train in a team based environment with our Master Personal Trainers and Coaches providing you structure, accountability and results in a group setting.

Small Group Training Options

Small Group Cardio and Strength Building Class

Body Weight Resistance Small Group

  • Rise & Grind: Rise & Grind with our Sports Performance Coaches at The Arena Sports Factory – the most elite equipped box in the Harford County area. The ultimate athletic sports conditioning experience!

  • Cycle & Strength: Get ready to sweat and have a great power hour workout built for anyone.  Switch it up on Mondays with a combination of cycle and circuit-style strength exercises.

  • Pure Strength: Build total body strength while learning how to lift safely and effectively.

  • Aqua Cross Train: Not your usual swim workout, Aqua Cross Train is geared toward triathletes and anyone else looking to improve their overall physical performance. This class will utilize bands, balls and belts in an effort to challenge the participants to take their fitness up a gear without the impact and wear and tear on their joints.

Small Group Training Schedule

Pilates Reformer

Pilates uses body weight resistance to promote the balanced development of core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Key elements include a focus on core muscles, breath awareness, and the quality and control of movements to help improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination for athletics and everyday life. 

Our Pilates Reformer sessions are temporarily on hold.

License to Train

License to train is a program to provide a 10-12 year-old the proper instruction and orientation to exercise. This program teaches the child to safely and appropriately exercise in our facility. Learn more!

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