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Private Small Group Training

Our small group sessions offer you a more intimate setting than a typical group fitness class with more individualized attention from the trainer and an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement between participants.

Train in a team-based environment with our Master Personal Trainers and Coaches providing you with structure, accountability, and results in a group setting.


Small Group Cardio and Strength Building Class

Mindful Mobility w/ Matt - 30 Min.

Wednesdays | 5:15 PM
Sundays | 9:15 AM

A class designed to assist you in recovering from the workouts you are currently doing! By working on increasing both your flexibility and mobility you will leave class not only feeling great but be overall safer for your future workouts too. There will also be a focus on breathing throughout the class to bring awareness to the body and help with the relaxation to your mind and muscles.

F.I.T. (Functional Intense Training) w/ Jason(AM) & Kira(PM) - 60 Min.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday |  9:15 AM 
Monday/Wednesday - 5:45 PM

F.I.T is a functionally wholistic program that can be augmented to meet the needs of beginner and advanced exercisers. F.I.T. is designed to help you move better, increase strength, improve energy and get you into the best shape of your life! This unique blend of corrective exercise, strength training, and high-intensity cardiovascular exercise will have you feeling FIT!

Functional Strength w/ Matt - 60 Min.

Tuesday/Thursday | 6:00 PM

Training for life is the aim of this class, whether your goal is to look, feel, move, or perform better this class will help get you there. By targeting basic movement patterns we use in everyday life we will increase your strength to improve the overall functioning of your life. Become stronger not just in the gym but outside it too while mastering the movements of life.

Circ-HIIT w/ Tim(AM) & Kira(PM) - 30 Min.

Tuesday/Thursday | 9:00 AM 
Tuesday/Thursday | 5:30 PM

This 30-minute high-intensity, circuit-based class is perfect for the member on the go! Circ-HIIT 30 uses a mix of body weight, free weights, medicine balls, and cardiovascular equipment to maximize your fitness potential. This class is scalable to meet the needs of novice and experienced exercisers



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