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Sports Performance Academy

The Sports Performance Academy at the Arena Sports Factory is our sports performance program that provides young athletes with a complete, well-rounded training experience to help improve performance and become more successful in any chosen sport. We work to increase confidence, speed, strength, and agility, both on and off the field, while reducing the potential for injury.

Our program follows a progression that allows us to guide athletes every step of the way!


Geared to increase athletic development through progression-based programming. The ADVANCED GRIND program will address athletic imbalances and mechanical deficiencies through increasing speed, quickness and relative body strength with the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of injury. Athletes will attain the skills to increase reactive development for any sport.

5:00-6:00 PM


Geared towards the most advanced athletes that can successfully sustain the higher intensity training of the MORR System. ELITE GRIND athletes will continue to increase athletic development through higher level progression-based programming.  The first part of every session consists of movement and position-specific training and will focus on over speed, resistance and reaction. The second part of the session is spent in our world-class Olympic weight room. 


This is a program for any sport team. Your players will be offered the opportunity to build a sustaining foundation, increase speed and strength, and gain ability for movement reaction to occur quickly/efficiently under pressure. Our goal is to be an ingredient that gets the team to the next level and to afford the coach the time to focus on more sport-specific skills in practice that will translate directly into the game.

Contact us at 410-734-7300 for more information on Team Training.

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