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Keith and Kathy Rawlings

General Manager
Andrea Gebhard

Membership Director
Rob Roney

Hospitality Director
Rodney Sample

Aquatics Director/Swim Lessons
Brad Hudak

Swim Teams
Betsy Graham

Nursery, Birthdays, and Rentals Coordinator
Erica Lesniewski

Pre-K, Before & After Care, and Camp Coordinator
Amy White

ArenaRx Program Coordinator
Trish Lanahan

Thin and Healthy Total Solutions Manager
Beth Roney 

Personal Training/Wellness Director
Nicole Wehrle

Arena Sports Factory
Andrew Patterson

Nicole Wehrle

Youth Sports Leagues
Ethan Mathews

Group Fitness Manager
Alica Palmere

Marketing Director
Angela Saccenti

Director of Accounting & Administration
Chelsea Burke

Membership Accounting Director
Renee Karukas


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Membership at The Arena Club means more than just “joining a gym.”

You are joining a community of friends, family, trainers, and instructors who will motivate you and inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals.

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