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There are many advantages to working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. We offer training services in very specialized areas from sports performance to injury recovery to event training and more. Whether you need motivation, instruction or guidance, help working through a plateau, accountability, or variety in your training, a trainer will be the person who can see you through to your goal.

During your personal training session, your trainer will meet with you to discuss your training goals and needs in order to customize each session for you with that goal in mind. Every training session will be unique, challenging, and fun. 

Personal-Training-SquatOur training staff is among the most diversely educated and professionally experienced in the region. All of our trainers are required to be certified through a nationally accredited personal training agency and are required to fulfill annual continuing education standards. Our trainers are also qualified by certifications to work with special populations including prenatal, cardiac, diabetic, postoperative, and many more.

Training may be scheduled as either private or semi-private 30-minute or 1-hour sessions. 

Pilates Reformer

IMG_7116-edit-smallWe offer Pilates Reformer personal training in our Pilates Reformer studio equipped with four reformers.

Reformer Pilates utilizes spring-loaded resistance to integrate strength training into traditional mat Pilates movements using the reformer. The goal is to create a balanced development of core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Key elements include a focus on core muscles, breath awareness, and the quality and control of movements to help improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination for athletics and everyday life.

Private Training (Member Pricing)
60-Minute Session: $79/session
30-Minute Session: $49/session

Small Group Training (Member Pricing)
Monthly (4 sessions/month): $132/month
Small Group Drop-in: $35/session

To inquire about Pilates Reformer training, please contact Savannah Haire at

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