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Posted by Alicia Palmere on April 25, 2019

The diet business is huge in our country, reaching into the billions every year. Yet our country has an epidemic obesity rate while being malnourished.  How can we have such a polarized problem with our nutrition?   The answer is to train your willpower like a muscle!

 Eating is a behavior, and making modifications in our eating habits takes time, discipline, and willpower. We would not sign up for a marathon without having a training plan. Treat your eating habits the same way by making progressions. This will give you success to a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Work on your eating modifications in steps. Look for progression, not perfection!

 Be cautious with a lot of diet trends and fads that have little to no clinical research to support results. The science of burning fat is creating a caloric deficit but should not be a deficit in nutrient-rich based foods. For weight loss success, stop focusing on how many calories you are consuming a day, and start focusing more on your portion sizes, the quality of food you are consuming, and increasing your daily physical activity. This has been proven to give the long-term results that will help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

 The majority of diet plans range between 1,200-1,500 calories a day (anything under this amount is not meant for a long-term plan and should be consulted by your physician). If you stay on a low calorie diet plan for a long length of time without exercise, you will actually gain weight back faster once you stop the diet plan due to decreasing your metabolic efficiency (your metabolism’s ability to burn calories).  Additionally, the behavior of eating is only being changed from a structured eating plan. For a lifetime of healthy results, work on training your willpower for creating better eating habits along with exercise that includes cardio, strength and flexibility!  

Alicia Palmere

Alicia Palmere

Alicia is The Arena Club's Group Fitness Manager, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Alicia has a degree in Business Management and Holistic Nutrition along with a broad range of fitness certifications including many Les Mills certifications.

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