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What to Expect from your First Cycling Class | The Arena Club

Posted by The Arena Club on November 7, 2017

Thinking of taking an indoor spinning class but a little intimidated and not quite sure what to expect?  Here are some helpful tips to help you get ready to hop on that bike and spin your way to a new level of fitness!

Cycling Instructor & Personal Trainer, 
Kim Kellagher


Intimidated by your first cycling class?  Don't be!  Cycling is a fun and great way to exercise!  Most of all… expect a fun and challenging workout, great music, and a motivating instructor.  Cycling is a great way to make workout time fly by, and you can burn anywhere from 300 – 600 calories per class. Indoor cycling is also great for improving your leg strength without impact to your joints, increasing your cardio capacity, and your overall level of fitness.

Classes that incorporate MyZone fitness tracking provide live feedback to you and the instructor on your exercise effort.  Instructors use the MyZone system to bring you into the various fitness zones for maximum benefit from your workouts.

Cycling is easy! You don’t have to worry about being on the wrong foot, facing the wrong way or being out of sync with the rest of the class, and you don’t need any special gear (although bike pedals are SPD shoe compatible and you can opt to wear your MyZone Belt for personal fitness tracking if you choose).  The new Keiser M3i cycles at The Arena Club can be custom fit to your individual needs, the bikes are geared so you can adjust to your level, and the backlit computer screen provides detailed specifics about your ride.

All you really need is a bottle of water, maybe a workout towel, and a willingness to try something new!  Yeah, your bottom half may be a little sore after the first few rides but before long, you won’t even notice.  Your friends may notice a difference though—you may be a little lighter, a little fitter or even a little happier!  Be prepared to get hooked! 

New Cycling Experience coming to The Arena Club!  Check out the details or learn about membership options!