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Olympic Weight Training Area

The Arena Club houses an Olympic weight room that is furnished with 8 Sorinex Multi-Station Olympic power racks, complete with various attachments. We use Sorinex equipment – the brand preferred by hundreds of colleges, 90% of NFL teams and the U.S. Military. It’s considered the Gold Standard in equipment for strength and conditioning

The Arena also has Veritmax units, which are used by all explosive-sport athletes and have the ability to maximize leg and arm velocity and power. We also utilize several apparatuses patented by Chip Smith Performance Systems such as the Resistance Cords, Punch Belts, Release Harnesses, Black Widows, Shackles and more to provide athletes with the most efficient equipment on the market. All of our equipment is designed to bring the athlete measurable increases in their performance.

Facility Rentals

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Membership at The Arena Club means more than just “joining a gym.” You are joining a community of friends, family, trainers, and instructors who will motivate you and inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals.

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